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We have supplied PTO Generators to the agricultural industry for more than 35 years in Ireland. A reliable power supply is essential for farming and a continuous rated Tractor Driven Generator guarantees same.

Bradleys Tractor Driven Generators are designed, engineered and built to provide instant emergency power in the event of a power failure.

All our generators are continuously rated to work in a tough environment with a robust gearbox that converts the 1500rpm of the alternator to PTO speed.

Bradleys are the importer and distributor of the Magnate PTO generator. froment magnate


Options to suit your farm.

We offer a range of generators and ancillary equipment suitable to each customer’s individual requirements: Static Generators, Portable Generators and accessories.

We can also build and fit out a full range of single and three phase sets to suit the customer’s individual requirements.


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